At the Velázquez Dental Clinic in Madrid we put all our experience into offering you high quality, quick and affordable orthodontics.

Our specialty is invisible orthodontics or Invisalign, a well-developed technique in the United States, in which our orthodontist is fully qualified.

A good orthodontist is essential in order to achieve good results.  A good orthodontist and a good clinic in Madrid ensure all the treatments we provide are of the very highest standards. Although this is not our only option, we are also experts in revolutionary quick orthodontics thanks to the DAMON System.

We offer both Invisalign as well as the DAMON System for adults and adolescents which together with our latest generation technical resources, such as Sirona 3D Scanner, mean that our orthodontics, whether Invisalign or DAMON, are effective in all cases.

We also provide treatment options such as lingual braces, cosmetic braces or traditional metal braces.

All this makes Velázquez dental clinic a leading benchmark in these treatments.

The cost of standard orthodontic treatment is 3000 euros, with finance options available for the patient.

Our orthodontist dentist

Ana Blanco Camacho

  • Ana has been a dentist, specialising in orthodontics (orthodontist), since 2002.
  • She has been awarded the “Doctor Gold” award” and has extensive experience  in Orthodontics, particularly in Invisalign and the DAMON System.
  • She has participated as speaker on courses and conferences, but above all has over 13 years experience in all the latest orthodontic technologies.
  • Due to her extensive experience and the resources we have at the dental clinic, our orthodontist can treat the most complex cases, reduce treatment time and use invisible orthodontic techniques.
  • You can rest assured that all orthodontic treatments performed at our dental clinic are carried out by a good orthodontist, who has expertise in cutting edge techniques and has cutting edge diagnostic resources.
  • The first appointment is free. If you wish, we will undertake a study of your case and Doctor Blanco will present you with treatment options, prices, duration of the orthodontics, and answer any questions you may have.

The Invisalign technique is based on a producing small movements of the teeth with clear splints. Each splint or aligner is changed every 15 days, and has small modifications that “push” just a “little” the teeth we want to move.

In order to undertake invisible orthodontics with invisalign a good orthodontist is absolutely necessary: they must have experience in orthodontics and be specialised in invisible orthodontics. It is also essential that they work in a good orthodontic dental clinic: with the required resources. The Velazquez dental clinic offers the very best orthodontic treatments.

Lingual orthodontics are a cosmetic and semi-invisible method of orthodontics.

It is carried out using special braces attached to the inside face of the teeth, towards the lingual (tongue) area, using special and smaller arches.

This technique has the advantage of being invisible when smiling and can treat 100% of orthodontic problems, but the disadvantage is that it is a little more uncomfortable than conventional orthodontics, as the tissue of the tongue is more sensitive than that of the lips and cheeks.

Thanks to the most innovative materials in orthodontics we can use clear sapphire braces that make the orthodontic treatment more cosmetic.

The Damon System have brought on to the market the Damon CLEAR Method. These braces are still a form of quick orthodontics but with the peculiarity that the first 8 upper braces are fully cosmetic. They are made from Polycrystalline Aluminium Oxide, a material that does not discolour or stain with coffee, mustard, red wine or other agents.