Dental implants

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a “screw” that is placed into the bone replacing the root of a tooth.

Dental implants are made of titanium. The quality of an implant, among other factors, is determined by the treatment of the titanium surface and the morphological design.

The Velazquez dental clinic is one of the pioneering dental clinics in MADRID in dental implant treatment.  The cost of the dental implant is very cheap compared to the cost of the same implant in other countries such as United States, England, etc.

In 80 % of cases, we use surgery-free dental implants in our clinic in Madrid: a small hole in the gum into which the implant is fitted, and that’s it. Stitches are not needed, and the anaesthetic is the same as that required for a filling. Doctor Eduardo Ausín (qualified in Medicine and Surgery and dentist specialising in dental implants) specializes in surgery-free dental implants.

The tooth is screwed onto the implant. An implant is needed to replace a tooth. Several implants can hold many teeth: occasionally, four implants may suffice to permanently affix all the teeth. Dentures can be anchored with two implants, ensuring they do not move.

The treatment success rate is 99 %.

The cost of a dental implant is 829 euros.


Our implants specialist

Dr. Eduardo Ausín

  • Graduate in Medicine and Surgery. Universidad Autónoma Madrid.
  • Graduate in Dentistry. Universidad Complutense Madrid.
  • Specialist in dental implants.
  • Fellowship in Implantology. Loma Linda University. California.
  • Visiting assistant at Dr. Leonard Linkow Office. NY.
  • Collaborating doctor-surgeon. Oral Surgery Hospital Clínico S. Carlos.
  • Member of College of Doctors of Madrid nº 36068
  • Member of College of Dentists of Madrid nº 4666
  • Member of Spanish Oral Surgery Association
  • Member of the European Association for Osseointegration
  • Member of Spanish Periodontics and Osseointegration Society
  • Member of the Spanish Stomatological Prosthesis Society

The first condition for a successful dental implant strategy is to use a quality dental implant. Not all dental implants are the same.

At our dental clinic in Madrid, specialising in dental implants, following years of experience and training, we have selected 4 types of implants. Depending on the clinical requirements of each payment we use one type or another. They are all top of the range.

All of them are prestigious, backed up by years of experience and proven clinical studies. We have chosen the dental implants with the greatest guarantee of success.

The success rate for our dental implants is 99 %.


In most cases, we use 3i-Biomet implants, as they have a treatment surface that guarantees extremely high success rate and above all because it is a dental implant that over many years has shown itself to be the most resistant to peri-implantitis (infection of the bone surrounding the implant). 3i Biomet dental implants are the “apex” of dental implants.

The cost of dental implant is the same as the other brands (all of them high quality). At our clinic in Madrid, in the very centre, a dental implant costs 829 euros.


Nobelbiocare is the “inventor” of the implants. It is understood to be a brand with great experience and proven results. We use their NobelActive implant.

The Nobelactive dental implant is the ideal implant for cases in which the bone is very soft.

It is most indicated when it is sought to insert an implant at the same time as the tooth is being extracted, or when the tooth is being attached at the same time as the implant.


The same as with other implants, these are from one of the most prestigious brands currently available.

We use these implants in cases of replacing single teeth. The internal connection for the prosthesis is unique and, in our opinion, the most reliable on the market.

Currently, the Biomet 3i and Zimmer companies have merged, but they maintain the two dental implant lines.


These implants have a self-drilling design, a specially treated surface (which is that is enhanced by moistening with Plasma rich in growth factors) and great  versatility in lengths and diameters.

But for us, the main advantage of this brand is that it includes a specific type of implant, called Tiny, that measures 3.0 mm diameter with a conical design that permits it to be inserted on very fine ridges.

“Surgery-free implants” or “implants with minimally invasive surgery” are those in which the implants are inserted without incisions or stitches.

small hole in the gum is sufficient to make way for the implant. The procedure lasts some 10 minutes, it is completely pain-free, the anaesthetic is similar to that used during a filling and there is no subsequent swelling or pain.


Currently, in our dental clinic in Madrid, 85% of implants are inserted without surgery. The Velázquez Dental Clinic can use this technique because we have the first Sirona TAC three dimensional imaging scanner in Madrid, and because of the extensive experience of our dentist specialising in dental implants.

Since 2002, we have implemented in our dental clinic the IT applications necessary to plan, design and insert implants based on three dimensional images.

But in 2011, our clinic took one step further: now we have three dimensional imaging equipment that allows us to plan the implants on real images (not mirror images) during the first appointment and all at the clinic itself.

As per the implementation dates for this technology, we can safely say that the clinic is a pioneer in this technique, without this implying any additional cost to the dental implant procedure itself.

This technology has many important benefits:

  1. It enables us to insertthe most appropriate implant in the most ideal position and orientation. The safety of the procedure is maximum: it is as if we had previously carried out the procedure on the patient.
  2. In some 85% of cases, the implants are inserted without surgery (surgery-free implants). A small hole will suffice, into which the implant is inserted and adjusted to the most favourable position. There is barely any pain or swelling, and no stitches are needed as there are no incisions.