Dental clinic Velazquez is considered one of the best clinics in Madrid.
Your dental clinic in Madrid

A multidisciplinary dental treatment centre

Our dental surgery is a multidisciplinary dental treatment centre in which we provide the very best treatments available utilising the latest expertise and techniques.

We place at your disposal the most modern facilities, cutting edge techniques and dentists specialising in every type of treatment.

Because of this, we can clearly state that the treatments we provide to our patients are of the utmost quality. We aim to be one of the very best dental clinics in Madrid. Our goal is your satisfaction and wellbeing.

During a first, no-obligation appointment, we study your problem and provide you with the most appropriate treatment plan for your needs, together with a clear and concrete quotation of cost.

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The Velázquez dental clinic is a dental surgery designed with current dental care concepts, where we undertake all dental treatments possible thanks to our dentists who specialise in each type of treatment. 

Nowadays, with the ongoing and extraordinary advances in dental treatment expertise and technology, high quality current treatments can only be undertaken if performed by a specialist. In order to be a good dentist, specialism is now required.

The Velazquez dental clinic consists of 350 square metres with 5 dental treatments cubicles and a surgical theatre. Reception area and large waiting rooms (another feature of our working philosophy is that we try and avoid the famous “queues” at the dentists). Offices for personal care. Radiodiagnosis room. Sterilization room, etc.

For the specific implant treatments, surgeries and other treatments we have a surgical theatre, designed to cover the requirements of dental implant surgery. Another further five dental offices are used for implant prosthesis treatments and all remaining dental treatments.

We can confidently state that this is one of the very best dental clinics in Madrid



The dentists at the Velázquez Dental Clinic are specialists in dental treatments.

You can rest assured that each treatment will be carried out by a true expert in the field.

Each dentist has specialised in one specific dental treatment. They have all obtained the necessary qualifications and accreditations, and keep their expertise updated by attending courses and conferences.

In current dental science, it is impossible for one dentist alone to have the necessary expertise to treat, and remain fully updated, in all dental treatments. Our dental clinic in the centre of Madrid places 6 specialist dentists at your disposal.

A good dentist is the foundation for any good treatment.


Cutting edge technology

The Velázquez dental clinic has 350 square metres in the centre of Madrid dedicated to your care.

We place at your disposal the most modern digitalized technology, three dimensional imaging, latest generation sterilization (including the detection of spores), top of the range dental chairs, theatre for implant surgery, quality materials, dental laboratories of the highest quality, etc

In the information we provide on this website, you can see how the Velázquez dental clinic located in the centre of Madrid has the most modern dental treatment resources within the dental specialities we treat.

We consider ourselves to be one of the very best dental clinics in Madrid.


Personalised care

We want our patients to be treated with the best technology and with preferential personal care.

We try to take care of the details in order to ensure a pleasant dental treatment. We seek to perform pain-free dental treatments. We want to understand each patient and their circumstances, helping to overcome any previous bad experiences.

We are aware of the fear that dental treatments can evoke, potential problems in getting to the dental clinic in Madrid, together with current financial difficulties. This is why we try to adapt to your needs and find a personal solution to suit your unique circumstances.

A good dentist in a good dental clinic that fails to look after people, will provide an incomplete treatment. We aspire to more.


Clear quotations – bespoke finance options

The first visit to our dental clinic is free. We provide you with a treatment plan and a quotation, free of charge.

As part of the quotation, we explain everything we are proposing, including alternatives. We specify the type of material, the implant we will use, the benefits and disadvantages, time needed, etc.

The quotation will also specify the cost of the treatment. We have finance options for the dental treatment.

The prices at our dental clinic are not expensive, but they are clear.  We do not offer cheap materials because they produce poor results. When you place your trust in our dental clinic, we think carefully about what we would like to be offered ourselves in order to select what to we will use in your treatment.

Following examination by a dentist, a quotation for the treatment plan will be prepared.