Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic techniques

The primary objective of medical treatments is to preserve or recover function. However, cosmetics is also a primary consideration in any dental treatment.

Velazquez dental clinic and every dentist working in our clinic in Madrid has the priority objective of ensuring the very best dental aesthetic.

Nowadays, with the techniques and materials available, highly aesthetic results can be achieved.

All the treatments on offer have the goal of improved aesthetics. We also have options that have improved dental aesthetics as their primary goal. Our specialist dentist will advise you and inform you of the costs involved.

Thanks to the philosophy of our clinic and the area in Madrid in which we are located, we offer quality treatments, at affordable prices.

Modern porcelains that do not require metal, microfiller composites or dental whitening are just some of the cosmetic dentistry techniques we offer.

Our dental clinic and our dentists are sensitive to this approach in all treatments. Our specialist cosmetic dentist will suggest the very best treatment.

We will try to provide the very best aesthetic in the least possible number of appointments. Our dental clinic in Madrid is very centrally located, with excellent accessibility. You can locate us in “close to me.”

Crowns or “caps” completely cover the tooth. The crown, resting on the remains of a tooth called a “stump”, seeks to functionally and cosmetically replace the original tooth.

Nowadays, particularly on very visible teeth with less masticatory function, a natural aesthetic or appearance can be achieved thanks to new materials. The old metallic internal structure can be replaced by a new material, Zirconium, which in being white allows for the more natural appearance of the restored tooth.

Our dentist will suggest the most appropriate treatment for you.

There are situations in which the aesthetics of the incisor teeth can be clearly improved by “disguising” their external appearance. This is achieved with veneers.

The basis of this technique is to place a layer of porcelain (veneers) or composite (composite resin) on the “outer” part of the tooth, which thereby changes the shape of the tooth.

Veneers are made of porcelain. The external surface of the tooth is gently prepared and the veneer is “glued” to this surface. By so doing, the tooth acquires a new shape and colour.

In the case of composite resin, the added advantage is that the surface of the tooth remains practically untouched. These reconstructions do not affect the tooth, are highly cosmetic and long-lasting.

In the case of fractured incisors, with these techniques we achieve complete and natural reconstruction of their appearance.

Nowadays, the old amalgam (metal) fillings have been reduced to a few very specific indications, having been largely replaced with modern composites.

At the dental surgery we have all types of composites needed to achieve prefect function and aesthetic.

In these images we can see the difference between an amalgam filling and a composite filling, with the latter creating a more “real tooth” effect.

The Velazquez dental clinic is a pioneer in replacing amalgam fillings with composite fillings.

The cost of a filling is 59 euros.

In our clinic, we offer dental whitening procedures that improve both the colour and appearance of the teeth.

This technique consists of the release of oxygen particles that remove stains from the dental enamel that may have accumulated on the teeth over time.

Each treatment is individual and PERSONALIZED to the needs and characteristics of the patient, but a usual protocol generally consists of home whitening in which the patient conveniently carries out the procedure at home under specific guidance and instructions and a complete whitening kit, completing this with a session in the clinic using a lamp which minimizes the much-feared dental sensitivity that treatments used to provoke in the teeth.

Prior to the whitening we will clean the teeth in the clinic, taking some impressions in order to produce whitening splints totally adapted to fit the patient, thereby achieving full effectiveness of the product we apply to the splints, without wasting any of it.

The cost of dental whitening can be found on the homepage.